My Sweet Hermione Socks

Pattern: Hermione’s Everyday Socks
Yarn: crazy zauerball
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practically done


So close to being done with this blanket!  All I have left to do is the edging.  Everything else is done, pieced together, and ends woven in.  I just can’t decide if I want to do the edging in cream or in one of the colors….I am leaning towards color.  The pattern is Mitered Cross Blanket for Japan by Kay Gardiner (Mason Dixon Knitting).  I LOVE this blanket.  I did it in Noro Silk Garden yarn in a variety of color ways, so soft and squishy and color to die for.  It was portable and easy knitting which was perfect for baseball practice, softball practice, waiting to pick the kids up after school, etc.  My favorite thing about knitting this was the quilt like construction and the way the yarn changes colors.  It was really fun to see what color comes next and how they would work together with the mitered corners.  I love Noro yarns, but you just have to have the right projects…they don’t work for everything, but this pattern is made for this yarn.


For now I am happy snuggling up with my almost finished blanket and admiring the colors while I figure out the border.  You can find my revelry page for this project here.

New Little Friend

Hello! I know I neglected this little space for quite awhile…..I have no excuses really. I have been working on all sorts of projects, in fact I have a rather bad case of project attention disorder, jumping from one thing to the next and struggling to finish anything…you know what I mean? Anyway, I wanted to introduce my new little friend, ladybug. I keep thinking that she needs a name, but I haven’t come up with one that is suitable yet. She lives on my brand new Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel and I LOVE HER!!!! I cannot even begin to describe my excitement over this. She was a birthday/early mother’s day gift from my most wonderful husband. Up until now I have been spinning on a drop spindle which is great, but it is a very slow process for me. I have been having a fantastic time spinning up some cool skeins of yarn. More pics to come, but here is the very first bobbin that I spun. It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but I am on a role now!
I am looking forward to doing some creative artsy yarns and my next goal is to get a jumbo flyer for my sweet little ladybug.



This shawl was seemingly never ending. Not because it took so long to knit, but rather because I kept putting it down to knit other things.
The pattern is Pogona by Stephen West. It is a very simple pattern that results in a shawl with both an interesting shape and texture. I enjoyed picking this up when I needed a little project that I didn’t have to constantly look at the pattern.
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Finally finished! I even met the KAL deadline, yay. Since completing this shawl I have joined 2 more MKAL’s. I really enjoy the process, the mystery, and learning new skills.
I LOVE this shawl! It is graphic and bold, soft and squishy….it’s all good. I found it enjoyable to knit and may at some point do another one, but for now I have too many patterns I want to try.