just enough

20111023-175748.jpgYesterday was a beautiful fall day in Ohio so we decided to spend it outdoors as much as possible. After my daughters soccer game we went to a local park/campground to enjoy the fall weather and sunshine. I took my Just Enough Ruffles scarf which I just started two days ago and will probably be finished today. I love this pattern because it is really easy to memorize the entire pattern making it fairly mindless knitting, and it is super duper fast. I am knitting it in yarn from my stash which I know is 100% alpaca, but I have lost the label so I am not sure of the brand.  I do believe it is three natural colors plied together.


My husband and I enjoyed the weather while the kids played on a nearby playground.  It was nice to get away for the afternoon.  We found ourselves wishing we had some camping gear and supplies to make some smores.


At the end of the day though we had to return home after enjoying the sunset from the top of the damn.